There are around 60 species of eagle on the planet.

Most of them can be found in Africa, Europe and Asia. Only 14 species can be found elsewhere, two in North America, nine in Central and South America and three in Australia. Gauntlet Birds of Prey is home to nine species of eagles, from the Bald Eagle of North America to the African Tawny Eagle from sub-Saharan Africa and India. Our eagles all have their own individual personalities and keep us entertained with their funny ways.

Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle is the national symbol of America.

LATIN NAME: Haliaeetus Leucocephalus
HABITAT: Coasts, lakes and rivers
DIET: will predate and scavenge
WINGSPAN: 180–210cm

White-tailed Sea Eagle

The White-tailed Sea Eagle’s nickname is the ‘flying barn door’ because of their immense wingspan.

LATIN NAME: Haliaeetus Albicilla
DISTRIBUTION: Northern Europe
HABITAT: Coasts, lakes and rivers
DIET: will predate and scavenge
WINGSPAN: 190–230cm

Black-chested Buzzard Eagle

The Black-chested Buzzard Eagle is also known as the Chilean Blue Eagle.

LATIN NAME: Geranoaetus Melanoleucus
HABITAT: Mountains/Hills
DIET: Mammals, birds and carrion
WINGSPAN: 160–180cm

Golden Eagle

The Golden Eagle is one of the most widely distributed species of Eagle.

LATIN NAME: Aquila Chrysaetos
DISTRIBUTION: Northern Hemisphere
HABITAT: Open, mountainous areas
DIET: Mainly mammals
WINGSPAN: 180–230cm

African Fish Eagle

The distinctive call of the African Fish Eagle is also known as ‘Africa’s Voice’.

LATIN NAME: Haliaeetus vocifer
DISTRIBUTION: Sub-Saharan Africa
HABITAT: Coasts, Lakes and Rivers
DIET: Fish (both live and dead)
WINGSPAN: 175–210cm

Steppe Eagle

Steppe Eagles prefer flat, open habitats like deserts, grasslands and even agricultural areas.

LATIN NAME: Aquila nipalensis
DISTRIBUTION: Russian Steppes, Central Asia
HABITAT: Steppes, desert and semi-desert, grasslands
DIET: Small mammals, birds and reptiles
WINGSPAN: 165–200cm

African Tawny Eagle

The oldest recorded Tawny Eagle was 60 years old.

LATIN NAME: Aquila rapax
DISTRIBUTION: Sub-Saharan Africa and India
HABITAT: Varied from woodland and savannah, semi-desert, open plains
DIET: Wide range of birds and mammals will also frequently scavenge
WINGSPAN: 160–185cm

Bateleur Eagle

The word ‘bateleur’ in french means ‘tightrope walker’, they get this name because of their distinctive aerial acrobatics.

LATIN NAME: Terathopius ecaudatus
DISTRIBUTION: Sub-Saharan Africa
HABITAT: Grassland, Savannah
DIET: Very varied – mainly mammals, birds, reptiles, but also snakes – unlike typical snake eating eagles it does not specialise, will scavenge too
WINGSPAN: 168–223cm

Steller’s Sea Eagle

Steller’s Sea Eagles can weigh up to 30lbs, although not the biggest of the Eagles they certainly are the heaviest.

LATIN NAME: Haliaeetus pelagicus
DISTRIBUTION: Eastern Russia, Japan, Korea
HABITAT: Mainly found around coastlines
DIET: Mainly fish but also some mammals, ducks, carrion, shellfish, and gulls.
WINGSPAN: 195–250cm