A fun event for 9 – 15 year olds

During our October Young Falconers’ Club the children spent time learning about falconry, different birds of prey and their importance to the ecosystem. They also learned how to care for, handle and fly a variety of birds of prey, as well as work with some of Gauntlet’s other residents such as the meerkats, goats, and ferrets!

This event gives children the chance to work on different skills, such as: creating and building environments for the birds and animals, cleaning and clearing their habitats and feeding them – and working as part of a team with other children. They also got the chance to take our Hawks for a walk in a private area of the park.

Our October Young Falconers were fantastic, they got to grips with park life really quickly and all mucked in and we all had a great time with them!

Our Young Falconers’ Clubs are a two day event for 9 to 15 years olds and take place here at the park in Knutsford throughout the year. You can find out about these events on our Seasonal Events page.

Daisy Bessant,
Bird Handler & Presenter